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Use your keyboard and mouse as a MIDI controller

That's right - you can use your mouse and keyboard as a MIDI controller. Vimidi translates your actions on regular input devices to MIDI messages.

And it is FREE!

Using your mouse as a MIDI controller

Your mouse X and Y coordinates are translated to MIDI messages, so if you move your mouse on the screen it will act as moving a fader on real MIDI controller. So basically your screen becomes a XY screen controller. Mouse tracking is enabled by pressing and holding a hotkey.

Using your keyboard as a MIDI controller

You can run a MIDI LFO with your keyboard (again by pressing a hotkey). LFO rate and waveform are also configurable. If are you required to fire some complex patterns, you can record it to a midi file and press a hotkey for MIDI file playback. So you can record a bunch of actions and play them back with a single press of a key. As soon as key is released MIDI file playback stops.

More input devices are planned (like mouse wheel), if you have any ideas please feel free to write us.

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